The Perfect 3-Day Napa Valley Itinerary for New Visitors

Napa Valley, nestled in Northern California, is a world-renowned wine region, offering scenic landscapes, delightful culinary experiences, and, of course, the finest wines. If you’re planning your first visit to this beautiful region, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve put together the perfect Napa Valley itinerary to help you make the most of your trip, ensuring you’ll visit the best wineries, dine at the finest restaurants and explore the hidden gems of this stunning destination:

Day 1: Arrival and Downtown Napa

Morning: Arrive in Napa Valley and check into your accommodation. There are plenty of options to choose from, including luxury resorts, charming bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals. Take some time to settle in and relax before starting your adventure.

Lunch: Head to Downtown Napa for lunch at one of the many excellent restaurants. Oenotri, an Italian restaurant with a farm-to-table philosophy, is a great choice with its delicious cuisine and extensive wine list.

Afternoon: Spend the afternoon exploring Downtown Napa’s attractions. Visit the Oxbow Public Market—a food lover’s paradise with local produce, gourmet treats, and wine tastings. Then, stroll along the Napa Riverfront and enjoy some shopping at Napa’s boutique stores.

Evening: For dinner, visit Celadon, an award-winning restaurant in the Historic Napa Mill, where you can enjoy global comfort food in a cozy, beautiful setting. Finish your day with a glass of wine at a local wine bar or catch some live music at one of Downtown Napa’s entertainment venues.

Day 2: Winery Tours and Wine Tastings

Morning: Start your day with a delicious breakfast at your accommodation or a local café before setting out for a day of wine tasting. Rent a car or book a guided tour to explore the numerous wineries in the region.

First Stop: Begin your wine-tasting journey at the Robert Mondavi Winery, one of the most iconic wineries in Napa Valley. Their Signature Tour and Tasting offers a comprehensive introduction to the winemaking process and a chance to sample their finest wines.

Lunch: Head to the nearby V. Sattui Winery, where you can enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch from their artisanal deli on their beautiful grounds. Don’t forget to taste their award-winning wines in their tasting room.

Afternoon: Continue your wine tour with a visit to the Castello di Amorosa, an authentically-styled Tuscan castle and winery. Here you can enjoy a guided tour of the castle and its impressive wine cellars, followed by a tasting of their Italian-style wines.

Evening: End your day with dinner at Bistro Jeanty, a charming French bistro in Yountville, where you can enjoy classic French dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. Return to your accommodation to relax and unwind after a day filled with delightful wine experiences.

Day 3: Hot Air Balloon Ride, Culinary Adventures, and Wine Train

Morning: Start your day early with a breathtaking hot air balloon ride over Napa Valley. Napa Valley Aloft offers a memorable experience, providing stunning views of the vineyards and rolling hills.

Brunch: After your exhilarating balloon ride, enjoy a delicious brunch at the Boon Fly Café, famous for its homemade donuts and farm-fresh menu.

Afternoon: Visit the Culinary Institute of America at Copia, where you can attend a cooking class, explore the culinary gardens, or browse the extensive culinary-themed bookstore. Alternatively, you can visit the di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art, a unique art destination featuring works by Northern Californian artists.

Evening: Conclude your Napa Valley adventure with a memorable journey aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train. This luxurious, vintage train offers a gourmet dining experience as you travel through the picturesque wine country, with opportunities to stop at select wineries for tastings.


This perfect Napa Valley itinerary for first-time visitors offers a well-rounded experience of the best this enchanting region has to offer. From world-class wineries to exceptional culinary experiences and breathtaking landscapes, you’ll undoubtedly create unforgettable memories during your stay in Napa Valley. Cheers to a fantastic trip!

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