You’re a Stranger Here But Once

Our neck of Wyoming feeds your soul, but so do a great meal and a wicked-good cocktail. That’s why at Glorietta, our laid-back Italian trattoria in downtown Jackson, the focus is on wood-fired ...

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Drink in the Scene

The hardest part will be picking your poison, since every option at the Glorietta Bar is fantastic. The vodka Putt Putt and gin-forward Green Horn are probably a good way to start an evening, which will undoubtedly lead to a conversation with the most interesting stranger you’ve ever met. Next thing you know, you’ll be nursing fizzes until closing time.

We’re Reimagining the Trattoria

Hearty handmade pastas, monster cuts of beef grilled to perfection, farm-fresh sides big enough to share…. Sure, we serve killer food worth the glowing reviews, but where we truly shine is in creating a place that’s warm and welcoming every night of the week. As our sign (the oldest neon sign in Wyoming) says: You’re a Stranger Here But Once. Our chef, staff, and inviting decor ensure that’s true for everyone, every time.

Contact Us

242 Glenwood Street. Jackson Hole, WY 83001

242 Glenwood Street. Jackson Hole, WY 83001